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Take in the World’s Most Breathtaking Sights on a Photography Vacation

When you go on a trip to any destination, you’re sure to take a number of pictures to commemorate your journey and share your story with your friends and family. While every picture is worth a thousand words, as they say, learning to take advantage of beautiful natural lighting and capturing the right angle can make your travel photography that much more special. Why not get the most of your excursion and bring home beautiful memories on a photography vacation?

Photography tours take travellers to visually inspiring locations around the world, from the hillside villages and sparkling blue waters of the Cinque Terre in Italy, to the icy seascapes and waterfalls of Iceland. You can be sure that your photography vacation trip will take you to a “bucket-list” location that you’ll be able to enjoy with fellow photography enthusiasts and capture on your own film.

These specialized excursions not only introduce you to new sights and cultures, they also give you the opportunity to develop your photography skills with instruction from experts in the field. You can select an excursion that matches your level of expertise, whether you’re brand new to point-and-shoot or you’ve opened your own portrait studio. As you witness unforgettable sights, you’ll find your talents progressing, and you can return home with true works of art.

Embarking on a comprehensive photography trip will take you to some of the most inspiring locations in the world--including your lodging. You’ll be enveloped by special, intimate accommodations featuring unique architecture and spectacular vistas right outside your window. From the moment you set foot in your destination to the moment you leave, you’ll find yourself right in the middle of storybook views and stunning surroundings.

Take a trip you know you’ll always remember with stunning pictures to document your adventures. To learn more about photography trips and other great travel experiences, contact your trusted travel advisor at Going Places Travel.