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African Safari

This is your year...once in a lifetime travel experiences are a must!

Whether a bird’s eye view or up close and personal, the sights of an African Safari will leave you spellbound.  Experience the amazing array of animals as they interact in their natural habitat.  Whether on a honeymoon or family vacation, there is an African Safari just for you.  Encounter over two million animals including wildebeest, zebra and gazelles as they migrate across the plains of the east in search of fresh grazing and water.  Catch a glimpse of Africa’s big five - lion, elephant, rhino, buffalo and leopard across south and east Africa.  An African Safari not only gives you an encounter with the most amazing animals but also provides an intriguing encounter with some of Africa’s native tribes who also call the wild their home.  To find out more about which African Safari is best suited to your needs, call one of our trusted travel advisors today.