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Get a Taste of Local Culture on a Culinary Vacation

Over the last few years, hungry travellers have increasingly taken trips to exotic locations to experience new, authentic foods and cultures. In fact, millions of leisure travellers plan their vacations based on the availability of local cuisine and unique eats. If you’re in the mood for adventure and want to savour a completely new flavour, why not consider a culinary travel experience?

As it was for the main character in the popular bestseller Eat, Pray, Love, discovering new foods and immersing yourself in local culture through their cuisine can be an enlightening experience. On your own or with a group of friends, book travel to a wide variety of destinations, including the United States, Bali, Greece, India, and much more, and truly come to understand the bounty and creativity of the region’s citizens.

Certain locations are perfect for vineyard and winery tours, including France, Italy, and California the USA. Many culinary travel groups bring you to the heart of the vineyard, allowing you to sample the fruits, taste a variety of wines, and enjoy delicious aperitifs to compliment your drinks. Take in breathtaking sights of rolling hills as you watch the sun set over the vineyard and enjoy a delicious wine with your friends and tour mates.

Many other culinary excursions even give you the chance to take lessons from local professionals and cook in kitchens alongside culinary masters. Book a trip to Sweden to get an insiders’ look at abundant fresh seafood and local ingredients, or whip up a classic coq au vin on your Let’s Go Cook trip to Burgundy. No matter what location you select, you’ll learn some of the best techniques and access the freshest ingredients around.

Try something truly new with a guided culinary travel tour. At locations across the globe, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in local culture, try brand new and exotic flavours, and witness some of the most spectacular views you’ve ever seen for a truly once-in-a-lifetime trip. Contact your trusted travel advisor at Going Places Travel today to learn more about the exciting world of culinary travel, and many other great travel experiences.