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Business Travel

Get the Most Out of Your Business Trips

Often, hardworking employees may find that their company needs them to travel out of state or even out of country, whether to attend a conference, monitor the performance of a foreign branch, or give a presentation to employees at a new location. While these trips may take you out of your routine, they can often be a hassle to arrange and leave you more tired than refreshed. It’s time you learn to get the most out of your business travel with Going Places Travel.

Before you set off for your destination, it’s important that you make preparations to travel smart. Does your business credit card offer rewards or upgrades for certain hotels and purchases? Have you signed up for Global Entry status so you can get in and out of the airport as soon as possible? With a little forethought, your business travel trip will be smooth and successful, leaving you to focus on your work.

When you choose your accommodations, it’s important that you have access to business resources like WiFi connections, computers, and printing centres--especially if you’re in charge of giving a presentation. Many inns and hotels offer such amenities for their business guests, including a nice, quiet place to work and prepare for your duties. With free breakfasts and coffee to help you get going in the morning, you’ll be set for success.

While your focus is obviously going to be that client meeting or training session, business travel trips are a great opportunity to explore a new location. Reward yourself for a job well done by stepping away from the convention centre and getting a taste of local cuisine or seeing a few nearby sights. If you plan ahead, you just might be able to group short tours or attraction tickets into your itinerary.

Don’t let business travel be a drag. Get the most out of your business trip by preparing for your travel accommodations, booking quality lodging, and taking the opportunity to see the sights around you. When you return home, you’ll have many great things to report to your colleagues.

Contact your trusted travel advisor at Going Places Travel today to arrange your business travel, or to learn more about other great travel experiences.