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Dive into history with an Archaeological experience.

Open your eyes to an adventure through time as you walk the hallowed halls of history on an archaeological experience.  From the Machu Picchu in South America to the Great Wall of China in Far East Asia, you are certain to enjoy this travel experience which promises to be informative and rewarding.   Learn the ways of the indigenous people of various societies and bring their stories to life in your mind.  Venture through the Museum of London and Acropolis Museum in Athens or journey to Mexico City to the National Museum of Anthropology.  For a greater hands on experience travel to Greece and Egypt amongst other countries and dig through time discovering various artefacts on existing archaeological sites.  This experience is not just for the history enthusiast but for the entire family as you open your eyes and mind to the past. With numerous fascinating and informative sites and museums around the world, call one of our knowledgeable travel advisors today to learn which archaeological travel experience is right for you.