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Discover Egypt, a country full of history

Enjoy your holiday in this mystical country spanning the northeast corner of Africa and southwest corner of Asia.  Behold the stunning colossal monuments of Ancient Egypt and be amazed by vast deserts which hold endless possibilities.

When it comes to accommodation in Egypt you will be spoilt for choice with an extensive collection of hotels, resorts and inns.  Stay in the absolute finest, surrounded by numerous luxurious treats or relax in affordable comfort.  Regardless of your needs you will find accommodation that suits you.  Whilst here also sample a selection of the finest cuisine which fuses several herbs together to deliver a taste comparable to few.  Try some of the more popular dishes of Hamam Mashi, Dawood Basha and Mulukhiya.  To wash it down have the absolutely refreshing Karkadeh.

When wondering where to go, your options include the Nile valley, White Med, Red Sea Riviera and Western Desert.  The Nile Valley is home to the Valley of Kings as well as several iconic pyramids.  Explore this unique region as you sail the world’s longest river.  Along the coast of the White Med you will find a mixture of resorts and cultural attractions which are certain to entertain you whilst on holiday here.  Unwind with a host of seaside family activities in Eastern Egypt as you enjoy the Red Sea Riviera.  Take to the tourist hot spots or connect with friendly locals in the charming village of Dahab.  In the Western Desert travel through miles of golden sand dunes on a safari where you will encounter uncanny rock formations.

You are also certain to find many world famous attractions in Egypt.  The temple of Luxor is a must see on any trip to Egypt.  This magnificent structure is a small representation of the rich history of this country dating back to the 18th dynasty of Ancient Egyptian rule.  Bibliotheca Alexandrina and Abu- Simbel Temples are also highly recommended stops on your holiday here.  One final attraction that must be viewed when you travel to Egypt is Giza Plateau.  This home of the last standing wonder will surpass all your expectations providing a true once in a lifetime experience.

Enjoy amazing travel experiences and take advantage of the best deals on offer when you consult with your trusted travel advisor.  Contact Going Places Travel to book your trip today.

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