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Started in 1971

Our company, known today as Going Places Travel, started in 1971 in the island of Grenada by Major Alan Batson and his wife Hazelann. Alan was a businessman travelling often through the islands of the Caribbean and on various visits to Grenada (where he met Hazelann) they decided to open the first office under the name Grenada International Travel Services. Very soon after, the next office opened in Alan’s home country of Barbados, under the name Barbados International Travel Services. As the company grew and expanded it opened multiple offices across the islands and entered into new territories with offices in St. Lucia (St. Lucia International Travel Services) and St. Vincent  (Caribbean International Travel Services).

In 1998 Alan & Hazelann decided to sell the travel company to a busines partner who had invested with them in a regional airline, Bernard Weatherhead. In August that year the company changed hands and the new owners began an expansion drive to expand the company across the Caribbean. Under new management the company opened new offices in Antigua, Dominica, Trinidad (No longer operational), Bahamas (Destinations) and the U.S. (Bruce Travel and White Glove Cruises). In Barbados the company was also able to achieve exponential growth with the purchase and merger of a number of local travel agencies including Sunny Isle Travel, Nation Travel, Freeway Travel, Millennium Travel & St. James Travel.

In 2002, as the company continued to grow, a decision was taken to move to one new name that would be easily recognizable across the region. With this came the advent of Going Places Travel, the rebranding of which was completed by the end of the year. Today we own 27 offices, across 8 countries with a staff compliment of 157 committed individuals, who are some of the best travel professionals across the globe.