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Wine Tasting

Enjoy the finest wines!

Relax in some of the most renowned cities, as you sip on the world’s finest wines.  Whether in Europe, Africa, Canada or the United States, amongst many other countries, you are certain to enjoy a wine tasting experience.  Begin in the famed European cities where you will be afforded breathtaking views as you taste the rich wines this region has to offer.  In the ancient city of San Gimignano in Tuscany, Italy whose medieval towers still fill the skyline, you will encounter the famous dry white wine, made in this region since the 13th century.  In the historic city of Beaune, France your tour allows you to sample a large selection of Burgundies as well as its vintage wines.  The wineries of Valencia, Spain are also worth the visit where your tour will have you sipping on the finest deep red riojas, unique roses and complex aged Sherries.  From Europe venture to Australia which is home to many of the world’s prestigious vineyards.  Across its vast regions, tour the vineyards and see first-hand the winemaking process and at the end reward yourself with samples of Australia’s wines.

Enjoy these memorable experiences coupled with many others when you contact Going Places Travel.  Our knowledgeable travel advisors will be on hand to help you find the perfect wine tasting experience for you.