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Sun, Fun and Entertainment

If you're looking for a mix of sun and fun and the best entertainment the world has to offer, you'll find when you travel California, USA. The huge state on the west coast of the United States is home to Hollywood, fantastic beaches and some of the world's most-loved theme parks.

What to do

When you travel to California, the question really is what not to do. Families will enjoy theme parks that include Disneyland in Anaheim, Universal Studios near Los Angeles, and Sea World in the San Diego area, as well as many others. You can also walk along Hollywood Boulevard to see film characters in action, attend a taping of a TV show, or watch the wildlife -- and wild human life -- on Venice Beach or any of California's many ocean beaches.

When to visit

California boasts a warm climate year-round, so really, any time of the year can be ideal for visiting. Summer and over the winter holidays are the busiest times of year at the theme parks, so if you're looking for a time to visit when you won't have to battle the crowds, aim to visit in the "shoulder seasons" in the spring or fall. During that time you'll also enjoy mild weather; summer can get very hot -- especially in Southern California.

What to eat

California is home to a host of people from all around the world, so the cuisine you'll find will run the gamut from informal international foods to 5-star dining experiences. Stop at a mobile taco stand to sample authentic Mexican foods, or make a reservation at one of the worlds' top-rated locales. From Asian to Latin American to African and European cuisines, you'll find it in California.

Where to stay

Looking for luxury accommodations with pools and spas? You'll find plenty of that in California. Want to rough it and enjoy nature? That's available too! From rustic camping at the beaches and state parks to regal hotels, it's all available when you travel to California.

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