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Explore the underwater world rich in marine life!

Take to the waters around the world for an experience like no other.  Fix your eyes on the beauty beneath and around you, when you embark on a snorkelling holiday.  This adventure is certain to be a rewarding one as you encounter numerous species across different regions of the world.  Consider the Galapagos Islands which are home to countless wonders, including the clowns of the sea, the Galapagos sea lions.  With a simple boat ride to Plaza Sur, Galapagos, you will stumble upon these amazing animals by the thousands.  Enjoy as several swim around you offering an up close experience that will be the highlight of your snorkelling trip.

The waters of Europe also offer amazing opportunities for snorkelling.  The protected marine reserve in Illes Medes, Costa Brava, Spain makes it ideal for your viewing pleasure as you observe many fish and plant life undisturbed by the activities of mankind.  Isola Rossa in Sardinia, Italy is another area perfect for snorkelling where in addition to the unique fish, you can also spot Moray eels hiding amongst the rocks of Sardinia’s inlets.  The waters of Makarska, Croatia will also mesmerize you with colour when you see seahorses, octopus and crabs in addition to numerous other fish.  When thinking of a snorkelling adventure the crystal clear waters of the Fiji Islands should come to mind offering unobstructed views of the natural paradise beneath.

For amazing sights Australia and the Caribbean are among the top snorkelling destinations.  With the Great Barrier Reef of Australia as well as the warm, tropical, sun kissed waters of the Caribbean where you will be amazed by the reefs, shipwrecks and range of marine life, your snorkelling holiday will be one you never forget.  With many other regions and countries offering colourful and memorable snorkelling experiences, contact Going Places Travel today to learn more about which snorkelling holiday is perfect for you.