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The post below was originally posted on the blog Miniskirts and Microphones by Ianthia Smith. 

I could remember when I first started travelling and would take week long vacations with my girlfriends. Shopping, partying and wine soaked up much of our budgets, because this was really all we cared about.

We literally skimped on the hotel and would usually book the cheapest rooms we could find; after all, we were out all day and all night and the hotel was really just for holding our bags.

Fast forward to being 32, constantly craving sleep and comfort and being a real life traveller now...those 'pop down' hotel rooms just won't cut it. These days I need luxury, a bed that’s too comfortable to leave and real adult rest and relaxation.

On my last trip to Barcelona and Morocco, I slept through the sweetest dreams and every alarm clock I had set. Thanks to my amazing travel advisors at Going Places Travel who carefully researched hotel properties to fit my needs, I was booked into three of the best hotels I’ve ever slept in!


Mövenpick Hotel Mansour Eddahbi, Marrakech


Ianthia Smith Morocco Hotel 1 710x450

Ianthia Smith Morrocco Hotel 2 710x450

Let me start with my favorite property from this trip! OMG! After a 10-hour train ride sleeping on a tiny cot smashed between a wall and window, I think I silently cried at the sight of seeing this hotel. From the entrance, to the lobby with its spaceship-like doors that rotate open, to the decor, the colors, the water fountains inside; the property is just amazing, and it came at the right time too! We were smack dab in the middle of our trip and after moving from city to city, country to country; luxury was all I craved! And this hotel did not disappoint. It had all of the “adult traveller” elements I was looking for and helped to settle my mind and mood the entire stay. The bathroom was my favorite part! With its black and white decor and chic, modern fixtures, I instantly fell in love.

Ian Smith Morocco Hotel bathroom 710x450

Ianthia Smith Morocco Hotel 3 710x450

One of the things I never did before was actually enjoy the property on which I was staying. But with restaurants, pools, a spa and even a night club not so far away, there was so much to do here. We had complimentary breakfast every morning, the most amazing burgers at the pool bar and free chocolate desserts in the lobby everyday at 5pm! I was searching endlessly and could not decide on a hotel to stay at in Marrakech, thankfully my travel advisor did some deep digging research and helped me to cop this gem!


Ayre Hotel Rosellon, Barcelona


Ianthia Smith Barcelona Ayre Hotel 710x450

Ianthia Smith Barcelona Ayre Hotel 2 710x450

After our trek to Marrakech we headed back to Barcelona to wrap up the trip. We again needed a place to stay, so the Ayre Hotel Rosellon it was! Again booked via my Going Places Travel advisor, this hotel was magically located right on the outskirts of the city! Just minutes away from some of Barcelona’s most iconic spots, right in the mix, but far enough away from it to enjoy both worlds at the same time. But perhaps most breathtaking was the fact that we had the most beautiful view of the Segrada de Famlia! It’s one of Barcelona’s most recognizable structures and a heavyweight tourist attraction. While some people have to fight crowds and lines to see this basilica, from our hotel we simply took the elevator to the top and marvelled at its beauty, without the tourist hassle!

Ianthia Smith Barcelona Cathedral 710x450

The hotel itself though is so trendy and played right into my fashion forward ways! With red and black as the theme colors for the rooms, the Ayre evoked so much emotion and passion! I love that we had an amazing street view from our room as well. This hotel was more city based, so everyday we stepped outside we were in the hustle and bustle of taxis, fast walkers and traffic. I loved it, it reminded me so much of being in New York City!


Hotel SERHS Rivoli Rambla, Barcelona


Ianthia Smith SERHS Hotel Barcelona 1 710x450

Ianthia Smith SERHS Hotel Barcelona 2 710x450 

I absolutely loved this hotel for its location! The Hotel SERHS Rivoli Rambla is located in the heart of Barcelona! The minute you step outside you’re in the center of Las Ramblas, Barcelona’s fun strip filled with restaurants, bars, shopping arcades, Catalunya Square and my favorite, La Boquiera! It’s true what they say, in order to succeed in business, it’s all about location, location, location and this hotel got it spot on! It was so easy to get around from this spot, it made being in heart of the city so easy.

When I tell you all of my favorite stores, restaurants and party spots were within walking distance, I tell you no lies! As a traveler its super important to me that where I stay is not worlds away from the sights and attractions I want to see and my travel advisor knows this! Finding this hotel was so legit because we saved mucho dinero on cab rides!

Ianthia Smith Barcelona GPT ambassador 710x450 

Do you splurge on your hotel stays or go low budget?


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