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Caribbean Airlines began its operations in 2007, replacing the British West Indies Airways (BWIA) fleet of aircrafts.  This airline, operated from its headquarters in Trinidad and Tobago, services the Caribbean, United States, Canada, South America and Europe.  With 22 aircrafts in its fleet, Caribbean Airlines has maintained a standard of excellent service throughout the years, making it one of the regions trusted carriers. 

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In addition Caribbean Airlines is one of the few airlines which has maintained its in-flight meals.  Choose from business class or economy and enjoy a safe, comfortable journey to your destination.  Business class affords travellers a dedicated check-in, business class lounge with privacy and comfort with priority booking and baggage retrieval.  The satisfying on-board experience runs through to economy class as well. The warm, welcoming atmosphere is promoted by the dedicated flight attendants who will look after your every need.  Travellers can also choose from three loyalty programmes, Club Caribbean, Caribbean Miles and 7th Heaven Rewards which seek to reward travellers for flying with Caribbean Airlines.