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The island of Tobago offers travellers a unique holiday experience.

Explore the islands rainforest and be amazed by the natural wonders that surround you.  The Tobago Main Ridge Forest Reserve is a sight to behold and is home to numerous animals and plant species.  Other attractions in Tobago include Fort King George, Tobago’s best preserved historical site.  Originally built in 1777, the fort renowned for its ocean breeze, tranquillity and panoramic views, changed many hands until finally reclaimed by the British in 1804. It serves as a home to the Tobago Museum which displays artefacts from the period of the Amerindians and the British and French Colonisation era.   You can also visit Argyle Falls, Tobago’s premier water fall, where you are sure to be amazed by this natural wonder.  The Tobago Adventure Farm and Nature Reserve is also a must see on the island.  This popular tourist attraction, sitting on 12 acres of nature reserve is home to numerous species of birds.    

The island of Tobago is as rich in culture as it is in history and a trip to the Itsy Bitsy Playhouse, Mount Pleasant, will show this.  Enjoy a theatrical performance; reenacting the early times of Tobagonian society whilst enjoying selections of local foods and other exhibits which display the island’s culture.  You can also take in the culture of the island at Buccoo, a small fishing village where you can interact with and see locals as they engage in the popular activity of fishing.  Not too far away from Buccoo you will find Sunday School, an area which comes to life every Sunday night with the sweet sounds of steel pan and local comradery.

You are sure to find accommodation which meets your needs on this lovely island.  Choose from the finest resorts and hotels or stay in any one of the quaint guest houses, all offering picturesque views of Tobago’s beautiful landscape.  With numerous activities to choose from, Tobago is a year round destination.  Enjoy the Tobago Heritage Festival, which highlights European influence on Tobagonians during the month of July and if around during April be sure to take in the Tobago Jazz experience which features renowned talents from across the world.

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