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The land of the hummingbird, the home of soca music, this Caribbean paradise awaits you.

A grand spectacle of lights, colour, creativity and Soca music awaits you, at the Trinidad Carnival on your holiday in this beautiful island.  The months of January and February are the highlights of Trinidad’s calendar, with numerous fetes, shows and other activities culminating with two days of parading through the streets of Trinidad in a host of flamboyant costumes.  Being the year round destination that it is you can also find several other activities for your holiday pleasure throughout the year.  There is the much anticipated Jazz Week during the month of June, featuring talents from across the globe.  Known for its vibrant culture you can also take in Parang Season which stretches from September until the final competition in December.  Parang is a popular folk music in Trinidad which fuses together several instruments to produce its melodic rhythms. 

You will also enjoy the cuisine of this island which is influenced by the Indians, Europeans and other cultures.  In Trinidad be sure to try any of the roti and curry dishes on offer as well as a selection of doubles which are popular amongst locals.   There is also Callaloo, a creamy and spicy dish made from a collection of herbs and other ingredients.  

With numerous accommodations on the island, you will be sure to find one which meets your needs.  Trinidad is home to a range of luxury hotels and villas as well as quaint guest houses and bed and breakfasts, designed to cater to any type of traveller.

When on the island, be sure to visit the capital Port-of-Spain, where you will find several shopping centres as well as landmarks representing the British and Spanish influence on the island during the 16th and 17th centuries.  Being the tourist destination that it is, there are also several attractions in Trinidad to satisfy your holiday desires.  For the nature enthusiast, visit the Asa Wright Nature Centre, where you will see an array of birds, animals and plants, spread over 1500 acres of land.  You can also take in the island’s main zoo, the Emperor Valley Zoo which is home to a range of wildlife.  See the giraffes and Red Howler monkeys amongst many other intriguing animals.  If you’re interested in the history of this island, a trip to the National Museum and Art Gallery will definitely be informative.  The museum and art gallery are home to over 10,000 items which give insight into the history and talent on the island of Trinidad.

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