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Croatia is situated between Central Europe and the Balkans. It has been ruled by different empires and republics for thousands of years, each one contributing some of its charm to the country, making it a real melting pot of cultures. The Dalmatian coastline boasts scenic beaches with a stunning mountain backdrop.

What to See in Croatia

This is where you might see Roman columns next to Viennese mansions, Napoleonic forts and Slavic churches. Looking around there is always something fascinating to catch your eye, and there are also plenty of museums showcasing treasures from all the key stages in Croatia’s history.
Expect everything from ancient ruins to modern shops and restaurants all together in the same place. Ancient walled towns, crystal clear waters and wonderful architecture are just some of the charms this country offers. The Dinaric Alps stretch from Albania to Italy and they hug a lot of the coastline. You can also see river canyons, picturesque lakes, underground caverns, and stunning waterfalls.
Try out some of the hiking or biking trails if you are feeling adventurous. The coastline is perhaps the main attraction, whether you are more into the quiet islets and secluded coves or the elegant charm of Hvar. Dubrovnik and Split are well worth a visit and each has plenty to see and do.

Food and Drink

Delicious ingredients from land and sea combine to make delicious dishes, and these days a lot of restaurants feature a blend of home-style classics and more adventurous meals. Olive oils and wines from Croatia are not only worth trying but you might also want to buy some because they have been winning top awards on the world stage.
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