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San Salvador

Be amazed by the sights at Devil's Claw

Originally called Guanahani by the Lucayan Indians who once inhabited this little island, San Salvador as it is known today, got its name when Christopher Columbus discovered the island in 1492.  This island is full of natural beauty with its picturesque landscape, pristine beaches and numerous salt lagoons.  The major activities on the island include fishing, diving and sailing.  The many shipwrecks seen across the waters of this island reflect its rich history stemming from the island’s early settlers.  

Whilst there relax on the white sand of the spectacular East Beach as you listen to the waves gently come up the shore.  Enjoy a snorkelling trip at any of the many dive sites this island offers.  See the beautiful yet unusual coral reefs at Devil’s Claw as well as unique marine life at French Bay.  Head to the western shore for a dive showcasing the century-old ship Frascate, which was shipwrecked in the shallow water.  The nightlife of this little island features locals dancing away to melodic sounds of popular reggae tunes at the well-known night spots on the island.

Although not home to a large collection of accommodations, the little island of San Salvador still boasts of the finest, with an all-inclusive resort and small hotels all waiting to satisfy your needs.  The delectable cuisine available at the island’s finest restaurants is sure to leave you wanting more, coupled with the infectious blended cocktails at any of its popular bars.

The Columbus Monument located in Landfall Park remains one of the most popular attractions on the island of San Salvador.  Erected on December 25th 1956, the white cross commemorates the landfall of Columbus on San Salvador in 1492.  Watlings Castle at Sandy Point Estates is also a site worth visiting.  Here you will find the plantation ruins of a late 18th century loyalist plantation house named after George Watling.  Built on a former plantation the Dixon Hill Lighthouse which is hand operated and lit using kerosene is the last of its kind in the Bahamas.  This lighthouse, still in operation, was constructed in 1887 by the Imperial Lighthouse Service.   

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