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Nassau Paradise Island

Fall in love with the cool summer’s breeze, as you walk white sandy beaches

Home to the country’s capital Nassau, The Bahamas Paradise Island will leave you awestruck with its breath-taking beauty.  Fall in love with the cool summer’s breeze, as you walk white sandy beaches, hearing soft whispers of the waves as they glide onto the shore.  Enhance this experience with a trip to any one of the many beachfront restaurants which offer a casual dining setting and the islands finest cuisine.

Escape the ordinary with a visit to the only zoo in the Bahamas, the Ardastra Gardens and Zoo.  This gorgeous area features more than four acres of lush tropical gardens and a spectacular array of animal species.  Be sure to watch the world-famous marching flamingos in action and relax as you hand-feed the most playful of parrots.  Or, dive into the rich culture of this island with a trip to the Educulture Junkanoo Museum.  Here, relive the history of the colourful Junkanoo parade which began as a temporary celebration for slaves during the Christmas holidays.  Embrace the interactive experience, where you get the opportunity to make a colourful mask and maybe even meet a Junkanoo queen.

The name Paradise isn’t only synonymous with its beautiful landscape, but also reflects the whole new world of underwater adventure you can discover.  Explore the legendary shipwrecks from hundreds of years ago, along with the amazing coral reefs like Fish Hotel.  Whilst there dive into a 200-ft wide natural opening in the ocean floor known as the Lost Blue Hole.  Here you’ll see a world of wonders swimming all around you.  
Your stay in this paradise island will be like no other, as the many all-inclusive resorts will cater to your every need.  Numerous hotels and guest houses are also available providing the finest accommodation this beautiful island has to offer.  The Nassau Paradise Island Bahamas, simply paradise.  

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