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Harbour Island

Known for its breath-taking views of nature, Harbour Island is a little gem amongst the Bahamian Islands.

When here a journey to the famous Pink Sands Beach is a must. In addition to a casual stroll across its majestic sands, elevate your view and enjoy the popular activity of horseback riding on the beach. The crystal clear waters of their beaches also offers snorkelers and divers the perfect view of the unique marine life below the surface. Briland’s blue hole is a popular choice amongst divers, as this underwater cave provides an exhilarating adventure. Interested in a bit of mystery? Visit the Lone Trench which is said to have many stories surrounding how it drifted onto Harbour Island.

Venture into the island’s only town of Dunmore and get a glimpse of its rich history. Named after Scottish explorer and Harbour Island governor Lord Dunmore, this quaint town features New England architecture coupled with structures which display the island’s involvement in rum making, sugar refinement and boat making. Titus Hole is also another popular tourist attraction on the island. Here you can get a glimpse of the island’s natural beauty in the cave said to have been a prison at one point.

The exquisite cuisine of Harbour Island is also one of its proud features. With many restaurants which vary from the more causal, relaxed settings to those which offer fine dining, you are certain to find one which meets your needs. The accommodation available on the island rivals the world’s finest with an extensive array of luxurious hotels and resorts, or your choice of charming, more personal cottages and villas. You are certain to enjoy Harbour Island, with its year round warm weather and ocean breeze - it is the ideal holiday destination.

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