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The Exumas

This chain of natural wonders will leave you awe.

Called the James Bond Islands for their features in two of his movies, the Exumas, made up of 365 islands and Cays are a sight to behold. This chain of natural wonders will leave you breathless as you walk their white sand beaches or sail its crystal clear waters. Whilst there take an Exumas Cays Ocean Safari and be amazed by the unique sights and sounds. See the endangered Bahamian rock Iguana on the island which the natives of Bahamas once called home. Coast the shallow waters as the stingray race alongside you. No ocean adventure in the Exumas is complete unless you feed the swimming pigs. These brightly coloured, spotted pigs can be seen swimming out to greet you, their pink noses wading slightly above the surface. Dive beneath and swim through the lively reef with an array of colours and also explore the virgin sandbar.

The Moriah Harbour Cay National Park, located between Great and Little Exuma, is also a must see. Spanning some 16,800 acres, the Moriah Harbour Cays is home to some of Bahamas most unique wild life. The park encompasses pristine beaches, sand dunes, mangrove creeks and sea grass beds. A closer look at the mangroves will reveal a beautiful display of marine life, including crabs, crawfish and yellowtails.

Thinking of where to stay? The Exumas are home to some of the finest hotels, resorts and guest houses, each offering a bit of the true Bahamian experience. The many restaurants will also cater to your needs, tantalizing your taste buds with the flavourful, delectable cuisine of these islands. Be sure to try the conch fritters which is a favourite amongst the locals.

In the Exumas, the month of April signals one of the Bahamas most prestigious events, the annual Family Island Regatta. Held in the picturesque Elizabeth Harbour, this tribute to tradition is a display of the islands range of talent. The boats on show are hand-made by the locals and then raced across the harbour to the delight of all.  With warm, sunshine weather year round, you are sure to enjoy your trip to the Exumas. 

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