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Bimini Islands

The most western of the Bahamas Islands, the Bimini islands will lure you into the ultimate vacation. 

Discover all there is to know as you cast your line into the fishing capital of the Bahamas.  The crystal clear waters will open your eyes to a new world as you witness the numerous species of fish swimming beneath.

Bimini is as beautiful below the surface as it is above, and a dive into the depths of the islands’ waters will reveal not only beauty but a bit of history.  Sapona, located just off the coast of Bimini, is a landmark sunken ship built by Henry Ford during the First World War.  A Spanish vessel dating back many years can also be seen at Piquet Rock which is a popular explorers spot.  A holiday in Bimini wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Lost City of Atlantis, every divers dream, given the rich history and tales surrounding this city.  Ever dreamt of swimming with dolphins?  Bimini can make this a reality, offering an exciting water experience you won’t soon forget.   

The sights of Bimini continue on land and a walk along the Bimini Nature Trail reveals varying wildlife and natural wonders that will leave you amazed.  Take a guided tour or walk alone and leave well educated on the ecological history of the islands.  The Bimini Museum will also leave you enlightened; as one of the major tourist attractions, the museum is dedicated to preserving the history and culture of the people of Bimini.

The family wishing to vacation in Bimini isn’t left out as the Bimini Sands Recreation and Activity Centre has a programme of exhilarating activities that will help you enjoy the islands.  With several eco-tourism tours available, as well as kayak adventures and even planned shark encounters, you are sure to be left satisfied.  Stylish, luxury accommodation is also a feature of the Bimini islands with several hotels and resorts offering the true Bahamian experience enriched with its delectable cuisine.  

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