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Abacos Islands

This collection of paradise known as the Abacos Islands will provide the ultimate holiday

The pristine, white sand beaches of these islands will draw you in and it is on Treasure Cay that you can find one of the top ten beaches in the world. Atop the tall sand dunes of Guana Cay over-looking stretches of beach you can also find the famous Sunday barbecue, which is only one of these islands’ delectable offerings. Your accommodation here will be like no other, as this collection of paradise known as the Abacos Islands will provide the ultimate holiday at one of its many resorts and hotels.

An outing to the boat making centre of the Abacos, the Man-O-War Cay, allows you to witness the great tradition of boat making which was passed down for many centuries. Whilst here you can also sail off into the clear waters of the Abacos for the ultimate sea adventure.

Rich in history, the Abacos Islands is home to the endangered Abaco Wild Horses which are the descendants of Spanish Barbs. A visit to the Abaco Wild Horse Reserve will reveal the history of these horses which once galloped through the pine forest. The colonial style homes in the Colonial Villages of Hope Town and New Plymouth also bear testament to the rich history of the islands, showcasing the presence of the British Loyalist who established settlements in the Abacos.
The Hope Town Lighthouse is also a must see on the island. This 120 ft. high local landmark, one of only two remaining lighthouses remaining was built by the British Imperial Lighthouse Service to mark the reef of Elbow Cay during the 1860’s. Greater history surrounds this magnificent structure as it was the cause of many shipwrecks of which the relics can be seen at the Wyannie Malone Historical Museum in Hope Town. 

Home to four national parks, the Abacos Islands is also ideal for the nature lover. The Pelican Cays Land and Sea Park, is perfect for snorkelling. Here you’ll see an array of exotic marine life and underwater caves. Tiloo Cay National Reserve, displays some of nature’s finest and is a habitat for many birds, including the rare White Tailored Tropic bird. A visit to the Abaco National Park in Southern Abaco reveals 20,500 acres of nature and the home of the endangered Bahama Parrot. The lush mangrove swamps of the Black Sound Cay National Park is a hikers and bird watchers paradise.

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