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Walk the famed walls of Quebec City

When to visit

During the months of January and February, enjoy the thrill of ice canoe racing, venture onto the snow slides or glide the powdery snow on a romantic sleigh ride by day. By night marvel at the elegantly carved sculptures and be amazed by the explosion of colour and festivity of the parades at one of the world’s largest winter festivals, in beautiful Quebec. During the winter period, Quebec also hosts the Winter World Masters Games and Quebec International Pee-Wee Hockey Tournament. Being the year round destination that it is, Quebec remains a hive of activity during the summer months of June to September, hosting the Quebec City Summer Festival, Canada’s largest outdoor festival which sees a host of local and international musicians take to the stage. There is also the cultural festival, the SAQ New France Festival, which with its colour and historical roots, takes you back in time through the streets of Old Quebec.

Where to visit

The province of Quebec is also home to the magnificent city of Montreal, where you will find a range of attractions suited to every type of traveller. Enjoy any of the wine tasting tours this city offers or relax and marvel at the breath-taking sights and sounds in one of its National Parks. The capital of Quebec, Quebec City, is also sure to amaze you, taking you through the walls of history. It is here in this city that you will find an extensive range of hotels, resorts and other accommodations. From the luxurious suites looking onto the cobbled streets of Old Quebec to the cosy inn nestled in the Laurentian Mountains, overlooking scenic Lac Morency. The fine dining restaurants with their quaint designs will also provide a truly unique dining experience.

What to do 

Explore the history of this famed province in Old Montreal where you will see the Old Port and Notre-Dame Basilica. The Old Port was once the bustling shipping hub of Montreal but now serves as a reminder of its glory days. The amazing structure of the Notre-Dame Basilica, built between 1824-1829 with its polychrome interior and rich ornamentation, is a historic treasure.  In Montreal you are also sure to be fascinated by the Montreal Tower. Built for the 1976 Olympic Games this French designed tower is the highest inclined tower in the world. The UNESCO world heritage treasure of Old Quebec will leave you in awe as you gaze upon this fortified city. Take a tour of its close to 4.6 kilometres of wall built by the English and French in the early days.

Feeling adventurous and seeking a taste of the outdoors? A trip to the Laurentian Mountains will satisfy this need. Enjoy a ski adventure along the slopes by winter and marvel at nature’s beauty as you walk its trails in the summer sun. Quebec, Canada a vacation you won’t soon forget.

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