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Travel to Pennsylvania, the Heart of American Independence

For a vacation in the heart of American history, rooted deeply in colonial times with the influence of the Founding Fathers running clearly through the state, travel to Pennsylvania, known as the State of Independence. According to Pennsylvania’s official tourism site, “all roads lead to history,” providing you and your family with a unique experience where past meets present and opportunities for learning and adventure are abundant.

The name Pennsylvania literally translates to “Penn’s Woods,” and upon your arrival you’ll see that it was aptly named. This beautiful American state is densely wooded and filled with natural beauty and outdoor recreational activities. Visit the Allegheny National Forest for miles of biking, snowmobiling, kayaking on the Allegheny, and hiking. You can even stay in a quaint log cabin in the heart of the woods. You never know what animals will greet you along your journey, so be sure to keep a keen eye open.

Once you’re out of the woods, take the whole family on an expedition through American history in the renowned city of Philadelphia, home of Independence State Park, the Franklin Institute, and many other pillars of American democracy and freedom. See Independence Hall, the birthplace of both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, or take a stroll through the Betsy Ross house, where the first American flag was hand sewn. When you travel to Philadelphia, the opportunities for discovery are nearly endless.

Though the state is filled with historical landmarks, it is certainly not without its modern contemporary attractions. Pennsylvania’s metropolitan hubs feature active, vibrant nightlife scenes, complete with live music and craft cocktails. Visit Frankford Hall, a modern-day biergarten in Philly, for craft beers and fresh German fare, or catch a live DJ and dance the night away at the Barbary. Whatever your taste, you’ll find entertainment and excitement at a number of hotspots throughout the state.

When you travel to Pennsylvania, you’ll be immersed in the industrious and inventive spirit of the American Nation. Discover history, lush landscapes, and much more to delight and excite the whole family.

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