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Hawaii Islands

A Magical Adventure

The second you arrive in Hawaii Islands, USA, you'll get a sense of magical adventure. From the unique blend of cultures to the bright skies and warm, powerful winds, there's just something a little different about this chain of islands in the Pacific Ocean.

When to go

With temperatures that tend to hover around 80 degrees Fahrenheit year-round, prepare for your Hawaiian vacation to be a warm, delightful adventure no matter when you go. The rainy season in Hawaii lasts from November to March -- but that also happens to be the times when the most people visit the islands. For a more tranquil vacation that doesn't include heavy crowds, plan to travel to Hawaii in the "shoulder seasons" in the spring or fall. Summer is also a great time to go.

What to do

In Hawaii, spending time on the beach tends to be the number one attraction. If you've always wanted to try surfing, you'll find that Hawaii is filled with excellent surf teachers willing to show you the ropes. Just be sure to start out on a "beginner's beach" that doesn't include some of the huge waves that Hawaii can be known for. For non-surfers, try paddle boarding, snorkeling or boogie boarding -- or just while away your days lounging and drinking umbrella drinks. Also be sure to try out some of the hiking -- Hawaii also has some high peaks -- or take a class at your resort and learn how to make a traditional Hawaiian "lei" to bring home to friends.

What to eat

The people in Hawaii are a mix of native Hawaiian, Asian, Filipino, Portuguese and other European cultures, and the food you'll find on the island reflects that. Hawaii is an excellent place to try some of the freshest sushi in the world, as well as other delicious fresh-caught delights. Also try some Hawaiian "grinds" -- typically a fusion of Asian and Hawaiian meats, fish and fresh fruits and veggies.

Where to stay

From vacation rentals to beach camping to world-class hotels, Hawaii has something for every budget.

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