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Celtic culture without the crowds

What was once a little-known part of greater England is actually its own country -- and the people of Wales couldn't be prouder about it. This small country along the eastern shores of the United Kingdom is decidedly rooted in its Celtic heritage -- and by looking around a bit when you travel to Wales, you'll probably find that not a great deal has changed. For one, the sheep in Wales outnumber the people three to one, and most of the place remains a rural, quiet paradise. So if you're looking for a place that's off the beaten path that you can go to for a relaxing, unhurried vacation, Wales is certainly it. Flights to Wales often start in London, but the next landing point -- by plane, train or automobile -- is typically the Welsh capital of Cardiff. There you'll find everything from opulent hotels to welcoming bed and breakfasts, which all will make a good starting-point for exploring the vast countryside and the sweeping cliffs of Wales.

What to do

Besides enjoying the stunning views along the seaside, one of the most popular things to do when you travel to Wales is to tour one of the country's many castles. Among the highlights is Caerphilly Castle, the second-largest castle in all of the United Kingdom -- dwarfed only by England's Windsor Castle. Other noteworthy castles include Cardiff Castle and Conwy Castle, located in Conwy town. Also worth visiting is the country's largest park, Snowdonia, home to the highest mountain in Wales, as well as the gorgeous beaches of the Gower Peninsula -- where you'll also find more ruins to explore.

What to eat

Welsh cuisine, like the cuisines of much of the United Kingdom, are experiencing something of a Renaissance of late, with a big focus on farmer's markets and local food production. Be sure to try out a signature Welsh afternoon tea, which will be somewhat like an English tea (but don't say that to a Welsh person) in the form of the tea -- though the snacks will be decidedly Welsh. You'll get to try sweetbreads like bara brith -- literally a "speckled bread" as well as other delicious cheeses such as Caerphilly cheese, for which the Welsh take great pride. Are you ready for your trip to Wales yet? Take advantage of amazing travel experiences in Wales by consulting with your trusted travel advisor.

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