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An Independent Spirit -- and Great Spirits Too!

If you're planning to travel to Scotland in the near future, here's one piece of advice: Don't make the mistake of lumping Scotland in with the rest of the United Kingdom. The nation just north of England is fiercely independent, and while it might share a landmass with its southern neighbors, its people are definitely a different breed. Now on to the fun stuff!

What to do

Whether your flight to Scotland is direct or you're coming in over land, you'll quickly be struck by the sweeping landscapes of this northern land. It's not the home of the game of golf by accident; the rolling hills are as green as green can be, and blessed with that springy, soft grass that other golf course owners only dream of having. Be sure to take a quiet, peaceful walk or two in the Scottish Highlands, where you'll be just as likely to make friends with a sheep as you will with another human being. Naturally, you'll also spend some time in the cities, including Glasgow and Edinburgh, where touring ancient castles and sipping the various flavors of Scotch whiskey -- the famous local spirit -- are just some of the popular things to do.

Where to stay

Hotels in Scotland are not hard to find, and many will be outfitted with signature plaid tartans, historic paintings and quaint gardens that give Scotland its charm. Outside the cities though, look for accommodations in bed and breakfasts or the local pubs -- which also happen to be the best places to meet local people and hear their colorful tales.

When to visit

While Scotland might want to separate itself from the rest of the United Kingdom, the best times to visit are the same for the entire island. Visit from late spring to early fall, when the temperatures are higher and the chance of sunshine is greatest.

What to eat

Scottish restauranteurs will be proud to have you sample their fresh salmon and wild game -- but the national dish is haggis -- a mixture of sheep parts, oatmeal, spices and onion. But if that doesn't sound appetizing, don't worry -- there are plenty of other delicious fresh foods to try.

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