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The land of Castles, Churches, Couture and Cuisine

When to visit?

Spring and summer, that is anywhere from April to August, are the perfect times to travel to England. Though it rarely gets hot in England, these seasons offer a most pleasant option for any traveller. That said, England is well worth a visit at any time of year.

Where to visit?

There is something for the simple, the cosmopolitan and the eclectic visitor and there is no shortage of places to go in England. Every county, city in town or country is unique in what they offer.  Take Liverpool, for example. While the city is one of the longstanding football capitals, it also contributes to the rich, multifacetedness of the country’s rich heritage. Go to the Liverpool Maritime Mercantile City, recently classified as an endangered World Heritage Site. There, the story of the development of the United Kingdom is told in various forms. Follow the movement of free people, slaves and immigrants from north of Europe over to the Americas.

Visit the Soho of London, where exquisite acommodation, nightlife and other entertainment and a myriad variety of cuisine options await the curious traveller. Westminster Abbey, the Royal Tower of London, and Madame Tussad are among other renowned attractions, and no visit to England would be complete without embracing all that central London has to offer.

What to eat

The English are famous for their high tea and cakes (cupcakes, cream cakes, sponge cake and the list goes on…) and pastries of all kinds. Enjoy a relaxing break at one of the many Specialty “tea” shops or an afternoon tea at one of the many hotels dotted all over the country, where you can select from scones, finger sandwiches and mouth-watering biscuits.

Welsh rarebit please? Believe it or not, this is a spectacular vegetarian dish, appreciated by meat lovers as well. Treat your tastebuds to this dish of melted cheese, spinach, beans, worchestshire sauce with some mustard and paprika.  And don’t forget burgers and mash, bacon butts, Sunday roast with Yorkshire pudding and of course, good ole’ fish and chips.  Apart from the traditional English meals and edibles, in England, there are countless eateries and restaurants offering fare from most countries – Africa, Indian, Thai, Chinese, Parisian and the Caribbean.

What to do

For the die-hard sports enthusiasts, make arrangements to check out Lord’s Cricket Ground or Wimbledon Tennis Stadium. If there are no games or matches on, you can still get a feel of the thrilling atmostphere just by being there.  There are many museums, art galleries and theatres from which to choose and if your timing is right, there may be a musical or theatrical production on at the Shakespeare Global Theatre, for example, for which tickets should be obtained in advance.  Have a picnic lunch by the seaside, walk through the countryside for hours and hours taking in the crisp, fresh air. Visit Big Ben in the city or simply seek out the latest fashions in one of the many high retailers or specialty boutiques to be found in the city.

Arrange your trip to England, a quaint and intriguing travel destination, by consulting with your trusted travel advisor. Contact Going Places Travel to book your trip today.

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