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Home to numerous rivers and waterfalls, the island is a paradise

Known as the land of many waters, Guyana is sure to mesmerize you on your holiday.  Encounter a colourful array of wildlife across the length of the island as you interact with the friendly locals.  Travel to the island is easy with many flights landing at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport.  Your options for accommodations are numerous in Guyana.  In the capital Georgetown you can choose from any of the elegant hotels or quaint guest houses.  Wishing to be closer to nature? Stay in any of the amazing jungle lodges and camps but be sure to walk with your bug spray.  For a truly enriching cultural experience, stay in the community supported huts in the Amerindian towns.  

The cuisine of Guyana is heavily influenced by the Indian subcontinent, with prominent dishes being a variety of curried meats and ground provisions.  You are also sure to come across numerous roti shops, with those by the sea offering shrimp, crab and other seafood.  Pepperpot is another popular dish in Guyana, with many locals choosing to refresh themselves with Dark Rum and other strong spirits.  Have your shopping desires met at any of the numerous markets and malls.   You will find a range of beautiful locally made crafts, including paintings, sculptures, costume jewellery and batik fabrics.  Also noted for its exceptional gold jewellery, be sure to visit the Starbroek Market to view their unique display.

The attractions in Guyana are numerous.  Visit the Kaieteur Falls, accessible by short plane flight only, these falls stand at an amazing 250m tall.  The Orinduik Falls, although smaller is also worth the visit.  For an adventure filled with unique natural beauty, take a trip to the Iworkrama Rainforest Reserve.  Walk the suspension bridges and stop along any of the platforms towering above the forest floor for views of lush green forestation, a range of unique birds and other species within one of the last four remaining pristine tropical forest in the world.   Shell Beach is also a highly recommended tourist attraction for visitors to Guyana, where you can see Leatherback, Green and Olive Ridley turtles laying eggs.  For the ultimate spectacle of colour and celebration travel to Guyana during February and be a part of Mashramani.  This “celebration of hard work” is an annual event which sees float parades and costume bands travel through the streets of Guyana, to the sweet infectious beats of soca and calypso.  

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