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French Guiana

This natural paradise known as French Guiana offers you a unique holiday getaway.

Enjoy a true cultural experience when you visit this country covered almost entirely by rainforest. The friendly people of French Guiana will ensure you feel welcomed, giving you that home away from home experience. With many of them residing in concentrated towns and villages along the coast, begin your adventure at the heart of French Guiana. Interact with the locals who will be more than willing to show the island’s many crafts and regale you with tales of its history. Whilst there, sample the cuisine which is sure to tantalize your taste buds, with its fusion of various cultures, delivering a spicy, tasty meal. Smoked fish and other smoked meats are a part of the traditional cuisine of French Guiana.

You are sure to find a range of accommodations to meet your holiday needs. In the areas of Cayenne, Saint-Laurent and Kourou, stay in any of the beautiful hotels or for a more authentic French Guiana experience take to the huts of the rural areas, where you will enjoy a relaxing atmosphere as you sway in your hammock.

With numerous attractions in French Guiana you will be spoilt for choice on your vacation here. Visit the Hmong Market, in the town of Cacao where you can collect souvenirs to remind you of your holiday or take to the Comte River and kayak your way through majestic, natural beauty. For an even greater adventure enjoy a guided jungle trip through the rainforest where you will encounter an array of flora and fauna and a variety of animal species. Your adventure continues at the Guiana Amazonian Park, one of the largest national parks in the world. You will be amazed by the sights, sounds and wonders you uncover in this natural paradise. To seal your experience in French Guiana be a part of the country’s activities at the annual Kalinia games.

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