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Visit El Cocuy, the snow capped mountain or travel to the picturesque Cocora Valley.

Top 5 things to know about Colombia

  • Colombia must be seen from Monserrate, a popular land mark in Bogota
  • Great lengths have been taken to make Colombia safe again
  • Medellin is officially known as the world's most innovative city
  • The Colombian climate is very diverse - cities such as Bogota can be quite chilly at different times of the year
  • The local currency is the Colombian Peso

When to Visit

Any time is a good time to visit Colombia. Its location on the South American continent affords it the pleasure of experiencing good weather year-round, so your only restriction is your schedule and the time you can make to jet off to captivating Colombia. That said, December to February is peak season and so plans for your hotel accommodation, tours and other activities should be made in advance. Take no chances!

Where to Visit

Each city in Colombia has its own unique attraction. If you are looking for a totally unexpected mind-blowing experience, do fit in El Cocuy – a snow-capped mountain in Colombia (of all places). Cocora Valley is a picuresque, relaxing location in the midst of the country’s coffee region. An arranged tour to one of the many haciendas, in fact a stay at one of the traditional haciendas tranformed to visitor accommodation would greatly add to the authenticity of your Colombian experience.

What to Eat

Colour and flavour with panache is how one would best decribe the food experience in Colombia. Part of the experience of visiting any country is the embracing of its local cuisine; and if you are a food conneisseur, your first stop on arrival should be a local restaurant. A must try is the Bandeja Paisa, the national dish. Most persons are familiar with empanadas and tamales, but there is so much more to sample and enjoy.  Colombians use a lot of meat in their cooking, however have no fear – there’s lot of fruit of all varieties and there are certainly other dishes for the partaking for non-meat eaters.

What to Do

The question is what not to do in Colombia. There are hundreds of museums of all kinds, theme parks, churches, butterly parks, coffee farms and natural reserves to visit. Each city has something major to offer, including appreciation of the different forms and styles of the buildings for the architecture buff. For the visitor seeking to understand the culture of the country, the peaceful corridors of the many museums and interacting with the friendly locals in each city offer a fantastic opportunity.

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