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A Feast for the Senses

When you travel to Turkey, prepare to do all sorts of feasting. The food is magnificent enough to want to eat all day, and the sights are a triumph. From wandering the bazaars to gazing inside the decorative mosques, it’s all a feast for the senses.

What to eat

In Turkey, prepare to be driven by your appetite. From the well-known doner kebab, to the other grilled chicken and lamb dishes, you’ll likely get a taste of some old favorites as well as some new favorites during your travels to Turkey. And it doesn’t stop at the savory stuff, either. From rice puddings and delicate baklavas to the traditional sweet of Turkish delight, you won’t have any shortages of sugary delicacies to try.

What to do

You’ll probably be driven so much by your stomach that you may find that some of the most interesting things to do are to simply wander the “bazaars” -- labyrinth-like groupings of shops, cafes, restaurants, and food markets where you can pick up some of Turkey’s most-loved foods and drinks. Check out Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar to see the best of Turkey’s bazaars -- but also check out the Spice Bazaar and the smaller “Little Bazaar” for a real taste of bazaar life.

Other exciting things to do in the city of Istanbul include catching a whirling Dervish show, touring the famous Blue Mosque, or wandering through the Hagia Sophia, a former mosque and palace now turned museum. Outside Istanbul, try exploring the cave hotels of Cappadocia, or relaxing along the “Turkish Riviera” along the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts. WIth traditional houses from the ancient world mixed in with luxury accommodations, venturing to the Turkish coast can make for a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Where to stay

Turkish hotels are reasonably-priced, featuring a mix of European and Eastern styles. For a real taste of Turkish life, rent a vacation home or apartment, or opt for anything from budget hotels to upscale accommodations served up in a grand style.

Take advantage of amazing travel experiences in Turkey by consulting with your trusted travel advisor. Contact Going Places Travel to book your trip today.

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