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Beautiful cities, opulent mountains

If you were to conjure up an image of a tidy, yet rustic mountain village, you’d probably be thinking of Switzerland. The mountainous country squeezed into the central part of Europe, just below Germany and France, consists of towering Alpine peaks, picture-perfect villages, and sophisticated cities filled with tall church towers. Whether you travel to Switzerland in winter or summer, it’s sure to be a vacation you won’t soon forget.

What to do

Swiss people love their outdoor activities, and if you’re going to travel to Switzerland, you’ll probably catch the outdoor bug too. In summer, you’ll have your pick among countless mountain meadows to hike to. Stay in Geneva or Interlaken and you may just catch the paddle boarding bug and find yourself paddling around a mountain lake. And wherever you are in summer, spring or fall, you’ll probably find yourself commuting by bike at least once or twice. In the winter months, winter sports including skiing and snowboarding, ice skating and of course, cuddling in near a toasty warm fire with some Swiss hot chocolate.

Other Swiss cities also offer a tasteful beauty and plenty to do.  in the capital city of Bern, visit the Albert Einstein museum or tour the old, scenic part of town, and while in Zurich, go shopping or touring a medieval church.

What to eat

Speaking of food and drinks, your trip to Switzerland will likely be a delight for your stomach as well. From the chocolates that Switzerland is so known for, to the cheeses that will delight and surprise you, you won’t go hungry during your stay! Hop on an Alpine cable car and make for one of the mountain villages such as the car-free village of Appenzell for a view from above of the pastures that give you all that great cheese.

Where to stay

A Swiss “gasthaus” is the way to go when you’re visiting a mountain town, as you’ll get to know some locals and likely get some home-cooked meals. Still, Switzerland boasts many quality accommodations for every budget, so you’re sure to find something that suits your style.

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