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Warm Weather, Great Cuisine

While most of Europe is suffering through yet another cold winter, why not hop on a flight to Spain? With warmer weather and a colorful local culture, it's sure to spice up your winter -- or even give you a memorable summer holiday.

When to go

When's the best time to visit Spain? Anytime, really. The winters -- especially in the southern parts of the country -- are invitingly warm. The summers, meanwhile, offer that delicious heat that you won't find in other parts of northern Europe, no matter what the season.

What to do -- and what to eat

Like having the ability to sample small bits of food to see what you like best? Love the nightlife and staying out late? Then you'll fit right in when you book your flight to Spain. The country is famous for its tapas -- those small plates of food that allow you eat light while you sip wine and gather with friends. And since the local culture is all about "siesta time," you'll probably feel compelled to take that afternoon nap that everyone else is taking, so that you'll be ready for a long night of exploring the exciting streets of Barcelona, or touring the well-lit monuments of Madrid. In Spain, everyone stays out late!

During the days, you'll be able to tour the art museums of famous artists such as Salvador Dali, explore the bizarre architectural wonders of Gaudi, tour an ancient castle, or go shopping or sunbathing. When in doubt, grab a table at a local coffee shop and watch the world go by; with the vibrant culture found in Spain, people-watching is an activity you don't want to miss.

Where to stay

Whether you're looking for a sweeping penthouse with views of the ocean, or you'd rather live like a local and house yourself among cobblestone streets, you'll have plenty of options when you travel to Spain. For the most well-rounded vacation, consider staying a few nights in one of the country's magical cities, and then head to one of the fun beaches in places like Mallorca or Gibraltar.

Take advantage of amazing travel experiences in Spain by consulting with your trusted travel advisor. Contact Going Places Travel to book your trip today. 

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