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Spectacular palaces and delicious sweet treats

You might only know it as the small country that borders Spain, but once you’ve set foot inside Portugal, you won’t know it by that reputation anymore. When you travel to Portugal, you’ll be visiting a former seafaring kingdom that still highly values its rich coastline and its deep history. Part ancient culture, part modern country, prepare for a trip that runs the gamut when you travel to Portugal.

What to eat

It might not be top of mind, but Portugal boasts rich cuisine that will definitely give you something to write home about. It’s hard to miss the many “pastelarias” you’ll find in every town, offering delightful signature pastries that you’ll probably want to try more than once. From marzipan to custard tarts, you could find yourself skipping dinner all together and always going straight to dessert.

And since Portugal has always been heavily reliant on the sea, you’ll also find local seafood delights on the menu. Be sure to try the salted cod, called “bacalhau” at least once -- or hopefully twice, since every restaurant seems to have its own way of preparing it. As a general rule, the seafood specialties on any Portuguese menu will be good places to start sampling the local fare.

What to do

If touring medieval towns is something that gets you excited, then you’re sure to love Portugal. Be sure to check out Evora, featuring a walled-in city and cobblestone streets, or tour around Sintra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site featuring stunning castles and sprawling gardens. For some high-class entertainment, visit the capital city of Lisbon and tour its many museums, winding streets and palaces.

Where to stay

As a modern European country, you’ll find everything from 5-star hotels to hostels in Portugal -- but perhaps the most Portuguese way to stay in the country is to seek out a “Pousada,” the guest houses that can be found in historic buildings, old churches or castles. It’s definitely the way to experience the ancient charms of Portugal!

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