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A little something for everyone

As one of the larger countries in Europe, travel to Germany will offer a diverse range of experiences. Stay in a larger city such as Berlin or Munich for a taste of German art and modern culture -- or venture to the hinterlands and be charmed by the tidy villages and quaint farm life. From skiing in the hills of the Black Forest to swimming along the northern shores, there's a little something for everyone when you book a flight to Germany.

When to go

One of Germany's biggest international draws is Oktoberfest, that raucous beer-drinking festival that marks the highlight of the fall season. While it has "Oktober" in the name, the festival actually begins in September. It's a worthwhile attraction, but if you want to avoid the crowds that center around Munich during that time of year, plan your vacation in the late spring or summer, when the weather is warm and sunny. Another great time to visit Germany is during the Christmas season, when the Christmas markets pop up in nearly every town and village. With their handmade crafts and delicious sweets and treats, it's a magical time to see the country. The most noteworthy market is located in Nuremberg, in the southern part of Germany.

What to do

Like the outdoors? Germany is home to countless "volksmarch" events -- guided walking events that promise a prize when you complete them. Germany's Black Forest region is an enchanting place to take a day-long stroll or even go backpacking and camping. Like arts and culture? Visit Berlin any time of the year, where art galleries, music halls, coffee shops and shopping centers are filled with the country's most striking citizens. Even the streets of Berlin are a testament to the underground art scene, with murals adorning many city walls. And of course, while you're there you can also catch a glimpse of post-war Berlin by visiting the Brandenburg Gate and the remnants of the Berlin Wall.

What to eat

If you're a sausage fan, you're going to love trying out all the various flavors that Germany has to offer, all served with spicy mustard and a crusty roll. But that's not the only thing available. Also be sure to try the fresh baked goods, fresh cheeses and pork and chicken dishes that tend to be on nearly every German menu. As far as accommodations and hotels in Germany, at some point you'll need to stay in a German guest house, where the owners will serve up some homemade regional delights.

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