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Discover the Beauty and Allure of the City of Light

Known by many as the City of Light, Paris’s beauty and allure are unparalleled. Boasting majestic historical landmarks, beautiful sweeping countryside, fine dining and countless forms of entertainment, Paris is the ideal travel destination. Whether your interest lies in seeing the priceless and august works of art in the famous Louvre museum or visiting the Champs-Élysées and Rue St-Honoré for a day of shopping, you’ll find a number of exciting diversions when you travel to Paris.

Paris is blessed with countless historical venues and buildings from ancient churches and cathedrals to whimsical castles and palaces. Iconic sites such as the Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower and the Palace of Versailles are but a few of the notable venues that all tourists should visit when they travel to France.

Of course, Paris isn’t the only noteworthy location in France. The largest mountain range in Europe, the Alps, features unsurpassed natural grandeur and runs for nearly 1000 kilometers in France. Consisting of lush, verdant forests in the north and more arid vegetation in the southern regions, the Alps offer variable terrain and incredible vistas. Skiing is a very popular sport in the area, but if hiking and exploring are more your style there are several natural parks that offer trails and play host to several protective animal species. In short, if it’s a naturalist holiday that you crave you can find it when you travel to France.

Many of us travel in search of rest and relaxation; we all need a chance to unwind and recharge. France’s beaches offer the sun and shimmering sand that make these leisurely pursuits possible. Featuring 1200 miles of coastline from the gorgeous pebble strewn beaches of Nice to the affluent area of Pampelonne with its luxury beach clubs, France presents a piece of waterfront paradise for every inclination.

The beauty of France lies not only in the stunning views of the Alps, the richness of its history and its numerous amenities and entertainments, but also in the vibrancy and light shimmering around every avenue.

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