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This interesting city is located in the southwest of France. As well as being the world’s major wine capital, it also hosts the world’s main wine fair, and wine has been produced here since the 8th century. Although wine is obviously one of the highlights to enjoy when you are visiting this region, it is fair to say there is plenty more to see and do in Bordeaux.

You will soon discover half the city is a World Heritage Site, and has been since winning the accolade in 2007. The urban development, classical and neo-classic architecture styles blend and merge seamlessly, creating a modern, unique cityscape. There are museums and galleries to explore but it is a good idea to take your time exploring the city itself first.

Must-See Places in Bordeaux

The Triangle d’Or, or Golden Triangle, boasts architectural beauty and honey-colored stone, and is flanked by trees. The focal point is the Place de la Comédie and you might like to see a concert here. You can also do a 45-minute guided tour. The past 15 years has seen a startling transformation along the riverfront. Shops, hip bars and cafes line the banks of the broad Garonne River, making it a wonderful place to enjoy a relaxing drink or have a meal in the evening.

Place de la Bourse is enfolded by the Palais de la Bourse on three sides, and was used as the city’s business exchange back when traders wore wigs. You will recognize the grandeur and distinct style of Versailles in the architecture. Visit at night when the floodlit shallow water in front of the palace offers a breathtaking reflection of the scene.

Wine Tours in Bordeaux

Despite the allure of the architecture and other delights in the city, if you are in Bordeaux you will probably want to do a wine tour at some point! You can do a Tourist Office tour between April and mid-November or else rent a car and arrange your own.

Médoc, St Emilion and Arcachon are three of the most popular destinations in Bordeaux for wine-tasting. Although the first two are better-known, Arcachon is on the coast and there you can enjoy the local sausages and oysters as well as the excellent wine.

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