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This big, sparsely populated country is full of delights. Getting around is no problem at all thanks to a number of airports as well as extensive, reliable road, rail and water transport options. If you are feeling adventurous why not try cross-country skiing or a reindeer or husky-pulled sledge as alternative transportation?

As you might expect, Finland is seasonal, which means long, warm summers and long winters. Inland, snow from December until April is not unusual.  The landscape is largely flat with some huge lakes and forests dotting the landscape but there are wide regional variations. Helsinki, the capital, is impressive with its modern architecture, galleries and nightlife, while Lapland’s fells and forests are to the north.

Best Things to See

A lot of people visit during the winter because of the special delights Finland has to offer. The Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, for example, is always inspiring. Lighting up the sky, this natural effect is breathtaking. The midnight sun in the summer is also unusual.  Finnish saunas are another attraction, and there are so many in Finland it equates to roughly one sauna per household, so this is something of a national pastime. There are also many clean, clear lakes to swim in or boat on. Ski resorts in Finland offer an alternative to those in Europe and the surrounding mountains are blanketed in beautiful, pure snow until around April. You could also try husky and reindeer sled rides, ice-fishing, snow-shoeing, or snowmobiling.  Do not miss the Sámi culture in Inari, where nomadic reindeer herders live with their snowmobiles and cell phones. This is one of Europe’s last frontiers. The design district in Helsinki offers a completely different experience. Discover just how hip and vibrant this ultra-modern city is. Olavinlinna Castle in Savonlinna is a gorgeous medieval castle which is well worth a visit.

Food and Drink

As for Finland’s cuisine, fish, meat, cheese and berries are prominent, along with whole grains. If you are feeling adventurous you might like to try smoked reindeer or wild salmon. Some of the dishes are similar to German, Russian and Swedish fare, although the Finns particularly like to use fresh goods over canned ones.

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