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Old World history meets modern design

If you're the type who loves the clean, stark lines of modern design, yet also appreciates a place rooted in history, then you're going to love traveling to Denmark. The northern European country is famous for its tasteful furniture and modern architecture -- and along with all of that come a people who are refined yet interested in the "good life." Once you've gotten to know the Danish lifestyle, chances are you'll want to emulate it back home!

What to do

Your flight to Denmark will likely bring you to the capital city of Copenhagen, a city filled with sprawling parks, gorgeous old manor homes, and more than its share of modern design. If you're the outdoor type, start your Denmark vacation by touring one of the many parks the city has to offer, including Bakken, the forested "deer park" just outside the city. If you're bringing the kids -- and Denmark is great for kids -- be sure to visit Tivoli Gardens, the world's 2nd oldest amusement park filled with fun carnival rides. Copenhagen is also home to the original Legoland, a place where kids and adults can let their creativity soar. For a taste of Danish royalty, visit the Amalienbourg Palace around noon, when you can catch the famous changing of the royal guard.

What to eat

If you're a bit of a foodie, then you're sure to delight in the flavors of Denmark. The country is known as the gourmet food capital of Scandinavia, with dozens of world-class restaurants serving up fresh fish, meats and Danish pastries.

When to go

As one of Europe's most northernmost countries, winter is more than just a three-month season in Denmark. If you're looking to enjoy winter sports such as skiing or skating, visit during the winter months, when the cities are lit in charming winter white. If you're looking to spend your vacation mostly outdoors, however, visit in summer, when the warmer weather may entice you to take a dip along one of Denmark's many beaches. Spring and fall can be pleasant times to visit Denmark as well.

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