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Cyprus is well worth a visit at any time of the year.

East meets West here because this Mediterranean island is located at the crossroads of three continents. Enjoy the special mountain trains, pretty beaches and championship golf courses. There are accommodation possibilities for every taste and budget, and there is certainly plenty to see and do.

When to Go

The main tourist season lasts from April to October, although August is often very hot. The fall can also be very hot, so consider visiting in the spring when the sun is shining and there are wildflowers everywhere.

What to See and Do

The coastal strip in the south is home to Pafos, Lemesos and Lanarca, and these historic towns each have their own promenade and beaches. There are foothills beyond those towns dotted with monasteries, churches and little villages. To the west you will find vineyards, forest and the Akamas peninsula, while to the north are dramatic mountains and then another coastal strip.

Nicosia, the capital, which is today known as Lefkosia on the south and Lefkoşa on the north, is located further east, along with ruins, the Karpaz peninsula and small villages.  Ayia Napa and Protaras are the main resorts if you are looking for sun, sea and sand, although Cyprus is small enough to travel around easily so you can make your vacation a cultural one if you so wish, and get a tan at the same time. Buses and taxis are the only type of public transport, or you could consider renting a bike or car.  Do not miss the turtle-watching, which you can do in either the north or south. Girne is said to be the most picturesque port on Cyprus, and the mountain backdrop certainly makes for a stunning panorama.

Food and Drink

The cuisine of Cyprus is heavily influenced by Turkish and Greek cuisines, along with Middle Eastern, Ottoman, Catalan, Italian, French, and Byzantine influences. Stewed octopus and calamari, wine-marinated pork tenderloin, mezedes (little snacks like tapas), and fried dough balls in syrup are just some of the tempting offerings Cyprus has for you. Try the meat kebabs and halloumi cheese too.

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