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Belgium is an interesting country which neighbors Germany to the east, the Netherlands to the north, Luxembourg to the southeast, and France to the southwest. The north of Belgium, known as Flanders, is Dutch-speaking, and the south part, Wallonia, is French-speaking.  The north of the country is quite flat and boasts some fascinating historic cities, while the south is more rural, offering caves, castles, valleys, and a range of activities. Try to see both parts if you can, when you visit, because each has its own charm. Belgium is home to more than sixty UNESCO sites as well as carnivals, museums, great food, and plenty of museums and theaters.

Belgium is a foodie’s paradise, offering everything from rich meat and game stews to fresh mussels and of course Belgian beer, of which there are over 650 types. Accommodation ranges from backpacker hostels to guest houses and big hotels, and getting around is very easy whether you prefer to use public transport like trains, buses and trams, rent a car, or even rent a bike if the weather is nice enough.

When to Visit

The temperate climate means mild winters, cool summers and changeable weather during the spring and fall. Late spring and summer are nice times to visit although rain is possible any time. May, September and October are considered high season because of various festivals.

What to see and do 

Many tourists would say a canal tour in Bruges is a ‘must’ because the view from the water is totally different to what you would see exploring the city on foot. Antwerp is home to all kinds of stores from the cheap and cheerful to upmarket brands and designer labels. You could spend a whole day shopping or even window-shopping, perhaps stopping for some ‘Belgian fries’ which are twice-fried for crunchiness and come with creamy Belgian mayonnaise.

Located 20 minutes from Brussels, Waterloo Battlefield is a poignant place to visit, or you might be interested in Spa, which is a picturesque town in a wooden valley with plenty of rivers and springs. Bastogne boasts plenty of monuments and museums, as well as scenic country trails. Ghent, Liege and Ostend are popular Belgium cities, each offering something different for the curious visitor.

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