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World-class festivals, sights and plenty of exciting things to do.

Austria boasts plenty of diversity, combining cultural history and tradition with world-class festivals, sights and plenty of exciting things to do. This country is largely mountainous because of the Alps. The highest mountain is 12,460 feet tall and called Grossglockner.  Along with Switzerland which shares its border, Austria is Europe’s winter sports capital, but it is not only for skiers and snowboarders. Austria offers all kinds of possibilities including historic villages and cities as well as hiking in the mountains. There is plenty to see and do, for activity enthusiasts and those who prefer to gently explore part of this charming country.

Some Austrian Highlights

Seefeld, Tyrol, has been home to the Winter Olympics twice, and it is ideal for beginner and intermediate skiers. Innsbruck is a fascinating place to visit. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, this picturesque city has unusual medieval architecture.
Hallstatt is a lovely little village in the Salzkammergut area famed for its production of salt. The wealth collected by the village by selling this desired commodity has been used to elevate it into the glamorous baroque village you can see today. This is a unique and special place.
Austria is also a wonderful destination if you are into architecture or you simply like to admire beautiful buildings. There are plenty to choose from, such as Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna with its 1,441 rooms, Melk Abbey overlooking the Danube River, or the Vienna State Opera right in the center of the country’s capital. Hohensalzburg Castle is another magnificent example of medieval architecture.

When to Visit

There are two distinct tourist seasons in Austria, one for summer hikers and the other for people who want to do winter sports. April to October is the summer season, while November to April is when you will find the snow necessary for winter sports. Christmas and New Year are always busy in Austria, especially Vienna, and the Salzburg Festival during July and August is another busy period.
The weather tends to be pleasantly warm in the middle of the summer season although dramatic weather changes are always a possibility when you are at altitude.

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