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Costa Rica

An incredibly diverse and beautiful country

Costa Rica is a natural paradise where you can enjoy incredible plant and animal life in their national parks; view their active volcanoes or lay on the beautiful beaches on the coast.

Where to visit

On your holiday here venture into the country’s capital, San Jose.  This unique city, with a delightful charm, is home to numerous contemporary art galleries, international restaurants and many hotels.  The region of Sarchi is also recommended as it is Costa Rica’s most famous crafts centre.  Be amazed by the skill and artwork on display  and purchase souvenirs to remind you of your holiday.

What to see and do

In Costa Rica you will be spoilt for choice.  A trip to the Manuel Antonio National Park is sure not to disappoint, offering visitors stunning views of nature, as all manner of monkeys jump through the forest canopy above.  Tortuguero National Park is another attraction which showcases the natural beauty that is Costa Rica.  This elaborate network of canals, winds its way through pristine jungle and coastal wetlands.  Encounter nature as you paddle its waterways.  To learn more about this country, take a trip to the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum where you will come across over 1600 artefacts dating back to 500 AD, including Costa Rica’s first coin.  Complete your holiday when you hike to the highest point in Costa Rica, Cerro Chirripo.  From the lofty heights of this mountain, take in the views of both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea as well as gaze upon Costa Rica’s beautiful land mass.

When to visit

With a warm tropical climate and numerous festivals and activities to keep you entertained, travel to Costa Rica any time of the year.  To witness the culture of this island unfold, travel during December and February and watch as countless locals don masks and costumes, re-enacting the victory of the Spanish at the Festival of the Little Devils.  Take in Costa Rica’s biggest cowboy party at Fiestas Palmares which sees horse parades, rodeos and musical performances amongst other attractions over the two week event in January.  For the ultimate party, travel during October for Limon Carnival.  Watch as colourful floats and other elaborately decorated costumes parade through the streets of Costa Rica to the sounds of popular local music. 

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