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Located in the Eastern Caribbean is the beautiful island St. Lucia which has more than enough attractions to offer any visitor. With the capital Castries being a popular tourist destination, we have provided for you the top five attractions across this astonishing island.

Rodney Bay

Twenty minutes’ drive off the north of Castries is Rodney Bay, the island’s ‘entertainment and tourism’ capital. The busy and exciting commercial hub, carries a range of activities for all visitors. The area is also home to chic restaurants and many bars which all come to life at night. While it remains one of the most popular attractions across the island, Rodney Bay offers tourists duty free shopping and products at reasonable prices. If you are interested in sunbathing as well, the somewhat small metropolitan-like area has beaches with blue glistening waters and soft sand for all to enjoy.

St. Lucia Botanical Gardens

St. Lucia Botanical Gardens is also called Diamond Botanical Gardens, and is the oldest botanical garden in the country. If you are one to usually bask in the sun and go on nature walks or hikes, try something different and head over to Botanical Gardens where you won’t be disappointed. With the gleaming waters and radiant colors changing from time to time, anyone will definitely enjoy seeing the amazing foliage this garden has to offer. In addition, you can take a dip into the inviting waters of their therapeutic mineral baths while you gaze at the beautiful flowers and tropical plants.

Sulphur Springs

The world’s one and only drive in volcano is situated in the Southeastern side of the island, close to Soufrière. Sulphur Springs, the most popular and award winning volcano by Trip Advisor, offers tourists amazing and soothing mud bath excursions along with hot pools for relaxation. These exciting mud baths are available to the entire family, and the mineral mud also leaves your skin feeling amazingly soft, fresh and healthy. Make sure you visit.

The Pitons

This world heritage site consists of two volcanic plugs, linked by the Piton Mitan Ridge. It attracts many visitors daily, giving them the opportunity to see this astonishing landmark live. Located near the towns of Soufriere and Choiseul on the Southwestern coast of St. Lucia, the attraction carries a dumbfounding ambiance for all to enjoy and is also known for beautiful yet fun, hiking and snorkelling experiences. You can also visit Dasheen Restaurant where you get the chance to sit back and relax while enjoying spectacular views of the most photographed landmark in St. Lucia while munching on delicious food.

Vigie Beach

Located two kilometers north from Castries, running parallel and immediately adjacent George F.L. Charles Airport, is Vigie Beach. The beach is popular because of its astounding ambiance. The beach has a canopy of trees to help you shade from the sun while enjoying the breeze from across the ocean’s waters. There’s also a mini snack bar that you can visit to get delicious treats and beverages while relaxing on the pearly white sand. Maybe take a long peaceful stroll across the sand looking out at the birds and the beautiful foliage. If you are not a fan of big crowds, Vigie Beach is not recommended.