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Explore a beautiful island with a range of holiday attractions.

The island of Montserrat, once damaged by its resident Soufriere Volcano, has made strides to reclaiming its beautiful state. Divided into three zones, a Daytime Entry Zone, Exclusion Zone and Safe Zone, be sure to take note of where you’re going at all times.  Access to the Exclusion Zone is supervised carefully to ensure safe and quick evacuation should there be volcanic activity and permission from the police is required.  In spite of this, there is still plenty to enjoy on the island of Montserrat. 

Dance away at the popular local spot Soca Cabana where you can enjoy the tastiest foods on the island at this classic beach bar.  In addition, embrace the culture when you stay through till night and join in with the locals for a packed Saturday night Karaoke. You can also trek to Jack Boy Hill where this steep nature trail offers rewarding views of the landscape.   Visit Rendezvous Bay, where you will find the island’s only white sand beach.  Relax along its gorgeous shore or take to the cool, clear waters – perfect for swimming.  To see more of this natural paradise, snorkel or dive into its depths which reveal a colourful array of the most exotic marine life. 

Be certain also to visit the Montserrat Volcano Observatory where you can relive the eruptions which swept the town as well see the volcano, Belham Valley and the former capital Plymouth.  A holiday in Montserrat wouldn’t be complete without visiting the island’s most popular hiking trail.  Oriole Walkway takes you on an adventure through the tropical Centre Hills, to the top of Lawyer’s Mountain, where you will have a bird’s eye view of the island.   

Your accommodation in Montserrat will be in some of the finest you can find around the world.  Stay in luxury at any of the island’s villas, guest houses or choose from the quiet apartments and bed and breakfasts. The island of Montserrat is certain to surpass your holiday expectations.

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