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CoCoa Beach Café

Relax as the warm golden sand tingles between your feet as you prepare yourself to be wowed by CoCoa Beach Café. Enjoy from any of their mouthwatering dishes such as their Balinese-style chicken, Tahitian-style raw fish, bò bun of beef and a superb mi cuit de thon teriyaki (semi-cooked tuna teriyaki). The food served encompasses a mixture of all cuisines which are all served by the friendliest staff who will make sure you have a culinary experience of a lifetime.

La Café à Vins

In the midst of downtown Fort-de-France, you’ll find the highly recommended La Café à Vins. This restaurant serves the most delectable French gourmet dishes including duck breast Rossini (with foie gras) finished with a sauce of morels. Other specialties include their chicken breast with conch stuffing and foie gras, and Mushroom Ravioli. This cozy restaurant will not disappoint; so be sure to visit La Café à Vins while in Martinique.

La Mandoline

Looking for high quality food, nice drinks and great service? Head over to La Mandoline where you are guaranteed all three! Choose from either of their comfortable dining areas either indoors where there is a cozy wooden hut restaurant, or maybe try outside where you would be surrounded by the beautiful lush greenery of Martinique.

La Table de Mamy Nounou

This beautiful restaurant promises not to disappoint. Its chic décor compliments the nice music and admirable view of the ocean overlooking the city, all adding to an unforgettable experience. This restaurant also promises great food, prepared by culinary award winning Chef Jean-Paul Mah. He prepares French dishes which are influenced by Caribbean cuisines. Be sure to ask about their delicious mains including roasted monkfish, grenadin de porcelet (larded fillet of suckling pig) and lamb with aromatic herbs. Not to forget their mouthwatering mirabelle and vanilla parfait or flambéed-banana desserts.


Looking for a nice spot for lunch? Head over to 1643 where you can have a nice date with your friends or family while relaxing and catching up. This cozy restaurant can also transform into the perfect spot for a nice, romantic, candle lit dinner for you and your companion to enjoy. The service is excellent which comes hand in hand with their delicious food such as their famous duck breast with foie gras, Caribbean wolf fillet or baba with rum and old neisson.