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Discovery Bay

Discovery Bay is known to as the first area Christopher Columbus touched down on when he discovered Jamaica. Even though this is often debated, this was where the area got its name from. Over the years, Discovery Bay has developed a small town around private residential areas, resorts and family oriented beaches and attractions.

Things to Do

Looking for exciting things to do while in Discovery Bay? Why not sail on a catamaran party boat to Dunn’s river, zip line at YS Falls, take a horse back beach tour, or site see the inbounds and out bounds of the natural beauty Discovery Bay has to display. Also learn how to river raft or tube, or enjoy the many water sports which can be done around the city’s beaches. Most of these tours can be provided by Chukka Caribbean Adventures. Once you have been well destressed and mellowed into your vacation mood with the island’s tropical sun, you can head out for a reggae filled night with pure vibes and dancing.

Where to Go

Green Grotto Caves

Enter into an underworld escapade filled with mystical adventure waiting to be explored. The green cavern is filled with pristine flowing waters and many structures of limestone stalagmites and stalactites, which were formed over thousands of years. Even the evidence of the first inhabitants into the island, the Tainos (Arawak Indians) who would have inhabited within the cave is there to see. Many fragments of pottery and artifacts are also displayed there.

Columbus Park

This historic outdoor museum park showcases a number of Columbian and Spanish colonial artefacts. The artefacts which are currently being exhibited were recuperated by the Kaiser Bauxite Company while excavating around Discovery Bay’s area. A section of sugar estate aqueduct, antique sugar boiling coppers, a lime stone mill and cannons which were used back in the 18th century can all be found at the museum. This public museum is a standard choice for school tours or passionate heritage lovers who just enjoy the surroundings along with what the park has to offer.