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Bask in the unique culture this French island offers you.

Nestled among the Leeward Islands, Guadeloupe is actually two islands connected by a bridge over the Riviere Salee.  The eastern side of Guadeloupe, known as Grand Terre offers a range of luxury resorts and hotels situated along the island’s white sand coast. You will also find Guadeloupe’s largest city Pointe-a-Pitre here.  The western island of Basse-Terre showcases a captivating display of natural beauty with its dramatic rainforest, towering waterfalls and pristine beaches.  The capital city, also called Basse-Terre is located here.

Bask in the unique culture this French island offers you, with its friendly people and warm island hospitality.  Taste the delectable blends of creole cuisine, influenced by European, African and Indian cultures.  Callaloo, Feroce and Cabri are just a few of the popular foods on the island.  With numerous activities to enjoy on your holiday, begin with a sightseeing tour of the island.   On your trip around, be sure to visit the National park.  This vast landscape is one of the most beautiful and best preserved tropical forest in the West Indies.  Encounter over 300 kinds of trees and plants and an extensive array of wildlife.  Your journey will also take you to La Soufriere, a volcano in Guadeloupe and the natural Les Chutes du Carbet Waterfalls.  Be sure also to take in the history of this island at any of its museums including the Museum of Rum, where in addition to your tour, you can admire a beautiful collection of butterflies and other insects. 

When in Guadeloupe you will also be afforded the opportunity to dive beneath the surface and uncover a world of wonders. Your underwater adventures will truly be memorable as you behold the coral reefs and other beautiful marine life.  Being the year round destination that it is with a warm welcoming climate, you will find numerous events and celebrations to pass the time.  During July you can enjoy the festival of Guadeloupe or travel during August for the international bicycle race, Tour of Guadeloupe.  Culminate your exciting vacation with the finest of Caribbean celebrations at Guadeloupe Carnival.  Join in the two month celebration from early January through to Ash Wednesday.  See numerous parades and other cultural festivities celebrating the strong creole culture of the island. 

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