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Café Desiderata

Café Desiderata is a hidden gastronomy oasis in the heart of Roseau’s French Quarter. Once an intimate luxury boutique, the café mingles creative dishes and amazing flavours in a setting of understated elegance. Come and enjoy all you desire in one culinary experience!

Islet View Restaurant and Bar

The big outdoor porch overlooks Castle Bruce Beach and is the perfect spot for taking a break from the road. The thatched walls and a big selection of hand-labeled bush rums behind the bar make this restaurant with only one or two meals on the menu, look more like a friendly witch doctor’s house than a roadside eatery. So come on down and pay a visit to this cute little shack to take marvelous pictures with a refreshing drink in hand!

Old Stone Grill and Bar

Set near the middle of downtown Roseau, Old Stone Grill and Bar is a cozy restaurant with attentive staff and is great for customers who are looking to dine in a peaceful and relaxed environment. Near the waterfront, the décor of this trendy restaurant features a lot of green plants, stone walls, and red accents to give the place a little pop. There isn’t a wrong choice on this tasty menu, from seafood, chicken, pork and a variety of other local cuisine; it will have you wanting more! This restaurant is only open for dinner, so be sure to grab a table while you can and have a mouthwatering meal you will never forget!

Riverside Café

Come and eat at this peaceful and pristine café and have a delicious lunch or dinner. This cute and cozy restaurant only serves the freshest and finest food; giving every mouthful you take a burst of unique flavour. Sit beside a calming, flowing river while enjoying different types of freshly squeezed juices. The bubbling brook, shady and comfortable porch and great food should make this little café a must for anyone travelling to Dominica.

The Champs Restaurant and Bar

This beautiful restaurant and bar is located at Picard, Portsmouth, on the hillside with a gorgeous view of Prince Rupert Bay, the entire Picard area and the Caribbean Sea. The Champs Restaurant and Bar is one of the most popular restaurants in the North offering delicious food and a lot of night life. This restaurant offers a wide variety of foods from different nationalities and allows guests to eat healthy every day. From a casual meal with friends, to a romantic dinner with your loved one, or even a party of your choice, the kind staff at The Champs are delighted to welcome you in with open arms.