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Champagne Reef

Take a swim through these warm waters and see the incredible reefs, fish and bubbles coming up from the geothermal vents. The temperature in the water can reach up to a solid ninety degrees, making the sand warm. If you’re a snorkeler or scuba diver, this is the activity for you! Come and have a unique experience and swim among the many colourful marine life and breathtaking corals that reside in this warm and cozy area of Dominica.

Morne Trois Pitons National Park

Established as the first national park in 1975 and recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1997, this park is full of things to see such as the Emerald Pool, the Boiling Lake, The Valley of Desolation and Titou Gorge. Named after the highest mountain, Morne Trios Pitons, meaning the mountain of three peaks, this park attracts many tourists and locals alike. You can even hike up to the summit of this magnificent volcano and see spectacular views from 1,342m high!

Papillote Tropical Gardens

Hike up to these beautiful gardens and explore this rainforest’s miraculous mountainside, thousands of feet above sea level. Don’t forget to bring your cameras to take crystal clear photos of this beautiful 10-acre garden along with the thirty different kinds of birds, nineteen species of butterflies and many other types of wildlife that roam the picturesque area. Walk along paths of bamboo trees, ginger blossoms, begonias and many more while enjoying the quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Also check out the Rainforest Restaurant, which offers magnificent views of the mountains and valleys.

The Carib Territory

Come and learn the interesting history of the Carib Indians, also known as the Kalinago’s, and see how they can carve dugout canoes and make unique items such as baskets and mats from straw! Dominica has the largest remaining tribe of Carib Indians, and by paying a visit to this interesting site, you can learn a lot about their enthralling culture. Visitors can stroll around the village and see how the Carib Indians survive from their own agriculture and fishing practices as well as what is available for sale to visitors. So come on down and visit this interesting village and become more knowledgeable about this amazing tribe!

Trafalgar Falls

Referred to as the “Mother” and “Father” falls, these twin waterfalls are a must see and only a twenty minute drive from the capital Roseau. Take the 10-15 minute walk to the Visitor Centre where you can take photographs of the falls from the viewing platform. You can also swim in the waters of the smaller waterfall or hike up to the higher falls where there is also a hot water spring.